We’ve reached 3.5M TVL after a month of fast growth. We wouldn’t be here without your support. And today we’re gonna release the rules of airdrop round 2.

Liquidity providers of FTM/EST LP will get the airdrop as promised. Here are the rules:

  • Total amount of airdrop round 2 is…

Let me take a brief introduction of Ester Vault.

Ester helps to compound your interest. Ester works similiarly like other compounding platforms, dividing your earned token into 2 parts and then add liquidity add reinvest. I think you might be bored with this.

Here’s what you might be interest.

  • No…

Staking farming of Ester Finance will start at 2021–05–06 02:00 PM UTC. From here, you could get all the info you wanna know.

Reward Rate

0.08 EST every second, which means 6912 EST will be minted every day.


There will be 6 pools you can join.


Warning: EsterFinance is in beta. Please understand the risks and do your own research.

As we explained in our previous article. 5% of EST supply ,which is 150k, will be airdropped to supporters. Here’s what you wanna know.

The airdrop will be 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 will distribute 3%


Ester is the first native yield farming optimizer on Fantom network.

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